Cryptocurrency: Steemit, Stornetta, Cpunk History

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> Stornetta on Blockchain

	interesting. It's  interesting that the guy doesn't really know what money is. His whole grasp of politically philiosophy is seriously fucked and oh surprise he says he's a 'libertarian'.

	so here are a few  cringy quotes charmingly illustrating that being technically clever in some specialized area doesn't guarantee logical thinking and understanding of basic political philiosophy AT ALL.

	 regarding the gold standard : "it's been fiat money for thousands of years" 

 	 regarding the americunt slave system  : "democracy is a decentralized trust system" 

	bitcoin : "the idea that money could simply be a ledger - that was a great breakthrough"

	LMAO! no, that's a horrible bug, not a feature. And of course bitcoin is not a ledger. It's a hardware network backed by proof of work - that's what makes it tick, not the 'ledger'. 

	so then "bitcoin proof of work on a needless mathematical exercise" yeah right 'needless' 
	aaannnd "I think there's a role for government long term - I'm not an anarchist" - go figure. 

	he also parrots corporatist bullshit from anglo corporatist shitbag coase, yet another anglo fascist coming from the LSE.

	oh and the woman doing the interview take on google and the rest of the scum? : "it's not about bringing these companies down - these large corporations have created amazing empires by providing tremedous amounts of value" - wow - the retarded cunt couldn't be more wrong.

	so all in all, although stornetta indeed came up with key features of a system that is less centralized than the fascist system HE WORKED FOR (xerox and bell corp), his (flawed) understanding of politics and money is typical of right wingers/statists and fake libertarians.

	Considering that bitcoin is supposed to be 'trustless' this guy shouldn't be trusted either. 

	bottom line : these fucking idiots and their groundless 'optimism' can't be distinguished from government agents. 

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