ZeroWedgie: Teaching the world a lesson, global capitalist ruling class -style‼ - [PEACE]

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Tue Nov 20 03:09:55 PST 2018

How to teach the world a bloody lesson, authored by your friendly
"capitalist" ruling class oligarchs.

The 'Hitlergate' Hearings & Rescuing America
>From "The Brink Of Fascism"

 … In other words, the global capitalist ruling classes are about to
 teach the world a lesson. It is the same basic lesson they have been
 teaching the world since the dissolution of the Soviet Union. They
 taught it in the former Yugoslavia. They taught it in Greece, and
 Iraq, and Libya. They have taught it throughout the Middle East.
 They are about to teach it throughout the West. The lesson is,
 resistance to global capitalism is not just futile, it is suicidal.
 The lesson is, play with identity politics and all that “cultural
 wars” stuff to your heart’s content, but fuck with global capitalism
 and we will squash you like a tomato bug. …

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