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juan juan.g71 at
Wed Nov 14 21:49:03 PST 2018

here's a guy called craig wright, also known as 'satoshi nakamoto'  (LMAO!!!)

the points he makes are quite interesting : his and the bloomberg-journo-asshole's criticism of the lightning network is that LN users(nodes) would be 'unlicensed money transmitters' and so would be doing 'illegal money laundering'.

'satoshi nakamoto' then rants against even more people who are 'redesigning' bitcoin to be 'illegal', that is have some privacy built in.  "I'm going to shut them down with SV". "We are going to take legal action" et cetera. No doubt that the guy is Real Libertarian.

It should be mentioned that  wright or 'satoshi nakamoto'(LMAO!!!) used to be a buddy of roger ver's but ver has finally disowned him. 

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