Krassenstein: “More porn ... = less mass shootings” - [PEACE]

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Mon Nov 12 16:28:15 PST 2018

According to Brian Krassenstein, we need moar porn, because
(apparently) “'No-fap' is fascism, plain and simple.”

Well, that's news. No-fap is literally fascism.

Guess we "literally shaking" at the news or something :)

So apparently Huwaite folk trying to improve their lives is fascism,
plain and simple, and this will only result in "more mass shootings".

How very insightful. Amazing really.

Guess it is (or was) Monday already...

Memetic Monday: These Things Happen
Nov 12

Memetic Monday: In the Mouth of Midterms
Nov 5

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