Cryptocurrency: Music

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sat Nov 10 21:17:21 PST 2018

Another installment... Tune Tokens Clif High Top six Low trades How I bought Trust the Movement Sees all Hiphop the Blockchain Future crypto All that I want Desecration Dipping Gain Arbing Airdrops Gods Bitmex Litecoin style karaoke Hodl that Flipping Johnny Crash Bitcone Mune Gainz Mine your body in the GYM Time Dilation High in Green Exit Scam by the Fabricators Stackin Mireca Me and Mine 23 cryptos Everyday Hodl Litecoin Rightcoin Apollo Fud Dips Rabbit Hole Inmusik Wax NEO Flippening Anthem BAKKT them up Boss KO Sundazed ESP's cash song Moon busking Bitcoin's a woman Fomo Crypto Christmas Hodl Walk Hodl me longer Bittube! Rocket Ship Capitulation Be a troll if you want to :) Crypto or Fiat

Well are we just a slave
Working till we are old
were sick of all the lies that we are constantly being told
Now tell me is this real
Or is this just a fable
We need to rise up
And reclaim all our rights and freedoms

The money isn’t real
It's just a piece of paper
Or moving digits around on a privately owned computer
its time to move away
we can see our freedom
We don’t need to the corporate greed
Or governments in treason

Do not conform... believe.
Hodl, spend, replace, shift, trust.
This is something bigger, the candle's lit.
Bitch betta recognize.
Let's dance.

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