free speech, poor children, Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters, and the Israel lobby

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Thu Nov 8 13:55:48 PST 2018

Leaked: “The Lobby” - the documentary censored from Qatar and USA by
(((the usual suspects))).

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On Sat, Jul 15, 2017 at 12:18:45AM +1000, Zenaan Harkness wrote:
> So the Israel lobby notches one up against poor children - from
> Miami, America, not Palestine that is.
>  MIAMI: Local officials force children out of performance
>  with Roger Waters
> Where normal basement dwelling deplorables do it for the lulz,
> these guys do it for the optics (yeah baby! lookin' great there
> keep it up yo!!) - they seem to have a real nose for this "looking
> great" thing.
> ((("American" anti pro-Palestinian lobby groups)))?  Jew've all been
> there before of course, and so cheating some literally poor school
> kids out of an onstage performance participation with Pink Floyd
> co-founder Roger Waters and his band is right up there with some of
> (((their))) greatest "Great Optics" hits yet!
> You see there's this unspoken race between CNN, the Jew York Times
> and the various Israel lobbies to see who can be the most despicable
> (making up for calling 50% of American voters deplorable?) - when
> first the NYT accurately (not) quoted the Christian bible to say
> St. Paul ordered Christians to ‘execute’ homosexuals:
> and CNN decisively upped the ante with their doxxing of a deplorable
> basement dweller who was likely not the creator of an annoying (to
> CNN) meme (see recent thread),
> and so with the Council for Foreign Relations throwing their hat into
> the ring reaching heights of retardedness we'd only dreamed of, you
> have a real challenge that the Israel lobby just can't avoid striving
> to beat.  Damnably impressive stuff boys! We did not expect such an
> immediate response to the CFR's recent bout with Tuck.
> And here we were thinking the CFR was something -other- than a
> comedy production unit at CNN.
> Notch another brick in the wall boys - we're sure CNN will tackle
> this new "how low can you go" hurdle, but dang, removing life
> experiences from poor kids is gonna be hard for them to beat!
> About the only thing that could top this is a public punch on
> between Soros and Orban in person, as the tea leaves are predicting:
>   Hungary PM says Soros’ criticism is a ‘declaration of war’
>   'A useful punching bag': why Hungary's Viktor Orbán has turned on
>   George Soros
>   Orban launches personal battle with Soros over Hungary
> Stay classy cabal, stay classy!

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