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Mon Nov 5 09:12:49 PST 2018

Thoughts from a thoughtful twitterati, "Philosopher Kin":


Philosopher Kin @rogerahicks Nov 3
. at cocknee1 just reminded me of a tweet in which I criticised the
far-left narrative of the #BattleofCableStreet in which Lefties,
mainly Jews, prevented by force a march & rally by Oswald Mosley's
British fascists. https://t.co/PgNRsiiUGO

Since reading @RSkidelsky's biography of #OswaldMosley I've been
struck by how, in contrast to communism, fascism is AWAYS demonised.
Most of us sympathise with the good, even if misguided, intentions of
communists, but never with those of fascists, whose intent is always

Why is fascism always assumed to be not just evil, but also of evil
intent? Obviously, I can only speculate, but here goes: It is, I
suggest, very much a Jewish thing, & testimony to how much influence
they have, collectively, over academic, & thus public & political,


Trust & cooperation is what the whole world is in dire need of, but
is lacking, because the state itself is based on a historical web of
lies & deceit which serve its primary purpose of facilitating
society's self-exploitation to the personal advantage of some over

Now, back to my patient. Antisemitism is fundamentally a tribal
response to perceived Jewish tribalism. No one is to blame for this,
because it is a central aspect of evolved human nature, which is
tribal & territorial. Instead of demonising it, we need to understand

It is no coincidence that we are taught to trivialise, ridicule or
demonise human tribalism, which serves the state's claim to its
subjects'/citizens' tribal loyalty. It is only by understanding human
tribalism that we can learn to harness it for the good of ALL.

And harness it we must, because, if it is not harnessed for good, it
will be harnessed for evil, as it is now, by the state & capital.
Again, back to my patient & the wound of antisemitism. Secular Jews
were & still are attracted to socialism, because of its

Socialists see themselves as an ideological tribe or nation, which
rejects the natural, racial & ethnic foundations of genuine
nationhood, making it very attractive to Jews, who feared, with good
reason, the nationalist component of fascism's "national socialism".

I hope everyone is beginning to see the importance of understanding
human tribalism, as opposed to demonising & suppressing it. The
problem with ideological tribalism/nationalism (e.g. One Nation
Labour's civic nationalism) is that it has to be imposed from the top

We are familiar with how fascism & socialism were imposed from the
top down, but generally fail to recognise that "liberal democracy" is
too, only by more subtle, Orwellian means: https://pic.twitter.com/otmTuD5Zdo

If we are to create a more just, humane, genuinely democratic, &
above all sustainable world order, we must learn to work with human
tribal nature for the good of all, rather suppress, demonise &
exploit it according to the demands of state & capital.

We naturally look to academics as authorities in understanding their
particular field of expertise, but when it come to understanding
socio-political reality & the state, academics are blinded by their
own dependency on it, as we all are, but also as its employees.

I'm asking for the trust & cooperation of ALL academics (not just the
Jews amongst you) that I might help you overcome your blindness in
regard to understanding our (tribal) selves, society & the state, so
that you will cease to be the blind leading the blind.

Too late for me to correct now, but I should have said, "testimony to
how much influence JEWS have", not THEY, which implies that I am
viewing them/Jews as the OTHER, which I'm not. This illustrates the
pitfalls of language, esp. in regard to triggering a tribal response.

I mention "national socialism" above & put it in quotation marks,
because I'm not referring to Nazism, which was a criminally insane
abuse of the concept, which I shall rename "multi-national socialism"
& characterise thus: Kein Land, Kein Volk & Kein Führer.

Rachel Corrie @Woke_Tree Nov 4 Replying to @rogerahicks
Destroy nationhood to make things better for a diaspora population,
but embrace it for there own nation state Israel. The problem is not
respecting the nations of other peoples.

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