AfD protesting gang rape raizes Antifa violence in Germany - “NEIN” to protesting gang rape - [PEACE]

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Fri Nov 2 04:24:59 PDT 2018

Things that make you go "hmm", things that make you go "HMMMM"!

True (literally) news straight from the mouths of Russian elections
meddlers and Neon-Nazis - you know you love it :D

Perhaps Germany is due for some real anarchy - doubt it though.

Zee commentary - do you not read if you are easily triggered, as
snowflakes have been known to melt from irony, sarcasm and BLACK
humour - you have been warned <pic attached>:

 We hav ways to make u stop protestin gang rape, goy!

 And his name is Antifa - ze 18-year ole female student was, you
 know, just dumping all ze Jews head long into ze oven 69 years ago

 I must know - you zee I escaped 3 ovens, 2 mastebating machines and
 halv a dozen yuman lamp shade stitchin machines!

 And yu better believe it already, I only zurvived by drawing
 lampshade pictures for ze guards using yuman charcoal already like!

 Dey vas very scary times, I tell you!

 So many soviet submarine diesel engine fumes, so little time for
 washing ze flaws with human soap. But I soldiered on you know? The
 threat of gas pumps put de zing into my flaw washing‼

 It was all I could do to suffer human soap of my parents to avoid
 de peddle powered brain bashing machine of my sister already - it
 was like, you know, it is so hard to say, bring, you know, tears to
 my eyes, but truly it was anudda shoah you know? We all kvetched
 pretty hard, I tell you!

 All my friends - those who not drop die from ze masterbation
 machine, dey dropping like termites on ze evil electric flaws...

Germany: AfD Protest Clashes with Antifa After Syrian Gang-Rape of
German Girl

Shocking true black comedy (or is that "politically correct
non-racist and culturally sensitive term referring to comedy around
death and gang rapes" - or is "black comedy" appropriate in this
context - PLEASE muh PC gods do tell me what to think already!)

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