firefox is spyware

grarpamp grarpamp at
Mon May 21 00:37:21 PDT 2018

On Sun, May 20, 2018 at 6:02 PM, Douglas Lucas <dal at> TOP POSTED:
> Well, speaking of Mozilla, Thunderbird has reached the point where I
> really want a new email client program...perhaps Mozilla being ad-funded
> is a big part of the problem? In thunderbird I get these glitches where
> graphics show up meaninglessly on my screen, perhaps derived from HTML
> emails or something.
> Anyways, what's a good email program that can search emails very well,
> sort them into various folders by rules, and has some Enigmail type
> integration for GPG? Something that would work in the Debian world and
> maybe Arch Linux as well? And that would let me use my locally stored
> cache of like 5+ years of emails?
> One of the problems I'm having with Thunderbird is something Cory
> Doctorow noted years back, when you have over half a decade of emails
> Thunderbird starts having problems showing them to you accurately when
> you're searching. You can't read the contents of old emails sometimes,
> in other words.
> Program recommendations?

Mutt, mutt+notmuch, and some other mutts... are simply the
integrated, updated and newly maintained these days.

> On 05/20/18 13:24, juan wrote:
>>       every tiem it is launched it connects to  and, which are not only firefox spyware servers but are conveniently hosted by amazon-nsa.
>>       you can find those two strings in the about:config registry and delete them
>>       as far as I can tell, firefox scum does NOT mention the 'issue' here

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