firefox is spyware

Douglas Lucas dal at
Sun May 20 15:02:52 PDT 2018

Well, speaking of Mozilla, Thunderbird has reached the point where I
really want a new email client program...perhaps Mozilla being ad-funded
is a big part of the problem? In thunderbird I get these glitches where
graphics show up meaninglessly on my screen, perhaps derived from HTML
emails or something.

Anyways, what's a good email program that can search emails very well,
sort them into various folders by rules, and has some Enigmail type
integration for GPG? Something that would work in the Debian world and
maybe Arch Linux as well? And that would let me use my locally stored
cache of like 5+ years of emails?

One of the problems I'm having with Thunderbird is something Cory
Doctorow noted years back, when you have over half a decade of emails
Thunderbird starts having problems showing them to you accurately when
you're searching. You can't read the contents of old emails sometimes,
in other words.

Program recommendations?


On 05/20/18 13:24, juan wrote:
> 	every tiem it is launched it connects to  and, which are not only firefox spyware servers but are conveniently hosted by amazon-nsa.
> 	you can find those two strings in the about:config registry and delete them
> 	as far as I can tell, firefox scum does NOT mention the 'issue' here 

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