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> Supposed quotes should be linked, else perhaps viewed as troll manure.

	your wish is my command



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J. Eric Townsend says:
> - Dworkin has never called for the banning of porn.  I've read most of
> her books, and she even goes out of her way to say she's not calling
> for any sort of censorship.  She *does* push for 'victim
> compenstation'-style legislation. 

This is silly. Its like saying "I'm not in favor of banning guns --
but I want victims to be able to sue the gun manufacturers for
negligence". Dworkin is a fascist in feminist clothing -- for all
intents and purposes she believes that any act of heterosexual sex is
on some level rape. She's nuts.

> Tired of white het male computer geeks talking nonsense about anyone
> who threatens their place in the power structure,

This white male het computer geek marches in the Gay Pride Parade
every year. (Well, not this year -- I was sick. Mea culpa.) He also
thinks that Andrea Dworkin is about as anti-censorship as Rev.
Wildmon. I don't give a shit about the power structure -- I just think
that anyone telling me what I can and cannot see, what I can and
cannot write, and what I can and cannot sell, is my enemy.



> Some lists have been shown to be run by hypocrites.
> Others have been shown to be abused by assholes and etc.
> Many more are run in the ether, perhaps some even by residents here.
> Keep digging, soon you will reach Russia or some other fucked up land.

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