Quantum radar?

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On 5/13/2018 1:42 AM, Steven Schear wrote:
> Even if not, well designed (UWB) passive/multiphasic will.
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>     Quantum Radars Could Unstealth the F-22, F-35 and J-20 (Or Not)
>     https://www.yahoo.com/newsroom/vibes/us-military/v-6f4ee341-6205-3949-8a2e-43a9c5d8ab6f_c-5701a826-de83-3a65-8dc8-71d0bdb067c5_a-5701a826-de83-3a65-8dc8-71d0bdb067c5

This technology has been known in principle for forty years, though at 
the time it did not occur to me it would be useful in actual practice. 
It seemed like a purely theoretical thought experiment.

If you paint your aircraft with radar absorbing paint, then to radar in 
the quantum domain, it is as if it was painted day glow orange.

Stealth will also show up to multiphasic radar with widely separated 
transmitters and receivers, which is what the Russians are doing, or 
hope to do.

The best tactic would be to combine both methods, with a long fibre 
optic cable transmitting entangled photons between widely separated 
transmitter and receiver stations.  I strongly suspect the chinese are 
planning to combine both methods, connecting radar stations between 
their artificial islands, in which case stealth will cease to work near 
china and near the south china sea.

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