BriarProject Messaging 1.0 Released

grarpamp grarpamp at
Fri May 11 23:49:10 PDT 2018

The blurb was from elesewhere not me.

Tor is set and ossified for over 15 years, and thus naturally like most
projects, won't be coding and deploying any major new architectural
models that analysts might cite as requisite to prevail in areas where
it fails today. Nor could call "the onion router" anymore if onion routing
happened not to be part of any future architecture.

As some here have noted, there's research both detailing
where today's popular anonymous overlay networks fail,
and what tech is out there or being formulated to build
better ones.

Look to new messaging, fill, PETS and other venues, whatever, etc..
search for papers, fidn tbe bibs, see what's out there, or what you
might create.

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