Anarcho Mashups

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Sat May 5 13:25:08 PDT 2018

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 listening to what fake libertarians say is always educational. 

take for instance the  King of Liberland. 

liberland..."founded on libertarian principles and going all the way to
'anarchic concept'"  

"we use the latest technology to upgrade republic into narcho-capitalist

"have as little taxes as possible" "little regulation as possible" 

ANd now, for the 100% fake libertarian mental vomits! 3, 2, 1 : 

"we combine in liberland the best elements of MONARCHY, best elements of
CORPORATION and best elements of DEMOCRACY - it's a new way of

"the most efficient structures on the planet are corporations" 

"so whoever pays TAXES in liberland is buying 'shares' of the

"the MORE TAXES you pay the more 'say' you have and of course you get

so there  you have it, monarchic corporatist mob rule. It doesn't get
any more 'libertarian' than that does it? 

Notice how it took 2 minutes for the asshole to go from 'small
statist' to 'anarchist' to 'anarcho' fascist, to  corporate statist

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