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On Sun, May 27, 2018 at 04:17:59AM +1000, Sheldon wrote:
> https://www.forbes.com/sites/michaelfoster/2017/11/08/federal-debt-is-reaching-20-trillion-and-i-dont-care/#40b64dd832ba

Here's the text of the start of the spin doctor "Federal Reserve
shilling" article above:

  Federal Debt Is Reaching $20 Trillion & That's Not A Bad Thing
  Michael Foster

  Imagine you’re sitting in a bar and a guy sits down next to you and
  says, “I just took out a $6-million loan.”

  How would you feel? Would you pity him for having so much debt?
  Would you wonder how he’d ever pay it back? Would you calculate how
  much those monthly payments would be?

  If your instinct is to feel bad for someone with a
  multi-million-dollar loan, you should change your mind. Because our
  fictional bar patron could be Mark Zuckerberg, one of the richest
  people on earth.

  That’s right—Zuck took out a $6-million loan in 2012 because he
  could get said loan at a mere 1% interest rate. That means the
  Facebook CEO actually made a profit on his mortgage when we adjust
  for inflation.

  This is a crucial lesson. Just because someone has a loan doesn’t
  mean it’s a bad thing. And, in fact, sometimes taking out a loan is
  the smartest financial decision you can make.

  So why do we always see the federal debt as a bad thing? Ask 10
  people and more than half will say “yes, absolutely.” In fact, the
  federal debt ranked as the third-worst economic problem in a recent
  Gallup poll, and it tends to be one of the biggest national woes on
  Americans’ minds.

  Well, I’m here to tell you that most Americans are wrong—and their
  debt worries are just one way their fears are causing them to miss
  out on big stock-market gains.

This is also called "QE to infinity" (the Federal Reserve or one of
its organs has a duty to be the "buyer or last resort" for the USA
government's debt notes, and which they must print money for if and
as needed, and they also QE print money to buy stocks and shit to
"boost the economy" - just another ponzi wealth transfer to the
bankers scheme).

What it also means is that the 1% of the 1% - i.e. the bankers
basically, the ultra rich get low interest loans and use that to
arbitrage against other assets - mortgages, shares etc - and the
banks take all the interest payments.

The loan means a promise to pay the bank the interest, plus capital,
the capital is created by the bank, not loaned by the bank from
deposits, which is fraud but few people know this - but the reason it
is "half fraud" or "super deceptive fraud" and not normal fraud, is
that when you pay back the capital, the original created loan capital
amounts are completely written off the books, as though they never
existed, but, BUT, you still payed the bank all that interest, so the
bank makes a massive profit, on money it never had but simply created
for the purposes of the loan, because you (or someone) promised to
pay it back with interest, so actually YOU created that loan, not the

Now the real problem with all this arbitrage that the 1% do is not
the arbitrage profit itself, and real problem with the 1% of the 1%
(the banksters) is not the profit "per se" on the loans they issue,
the real problem is the fact that BECAUSE the money is created at the
moment you sign the loan form (that's fraud to just create money on
the books (because someone promised to pay it back)), AND because you
have to pay all the interest back AND the capital, that means the
system is a pure ponzi scheme (see wikipedia), which ALSO means that
the value of the fiat money we use deteriorates, year in, year out,
and only those holding capital (generally, property) can hedge
against inflation (or sometimes, beat, or lose against, inflation).

And so inflation (if properly and fully calculated) is the precise
figure measuring the transfer of overall wealth from the people, to
the banks.

And that is the theft that the banks are engaging in.

And that's why the value of our fiat has deteriorated about 99% since
the Bretton Woods fiat creation agreement for Australia (and for
Americans, the Federal Reserve Act of December 23, 1913).

I.e., they utterly f#@ked us over.

Before Bretton Woods, Australia had gold and silver coin for its

Now I'm certainly not against the creation (or even sub optimal
hoarding) of wealth. But the WAY that wealth is hoarded by the banks,
by fraudulently creating ponzi fiats, and endlessly transferring the
wealth of the nation to themselves (as measured by inflation) is
fundamentally criminal fraud on a grand scale.

Now, is this fair? No.

Is it a reasonable thing given the greed, envy, anger and other human
frailties which dominate much of human activity?


Perhaps having a vastly less wealthy population overall, is actually
good for the Souls of that population - no pain, no gain or so to


Here's another lie from the article:

  This means the country could pay off almost all of its debts with
  just 12 months of economic production.

The fact is, GDP is cooked books - all sorts of financial derivatives
(much arising due to the debt itself) is included in "GDP".

But is any of this a problem?

No, not if you're a banker who can print those fiats, or one of the
super wealthy who can easily arbitrage against inflation, albeit to a
lesser degree than printing fiats but none the less still partially
getting in on the "wealth transfer from the people/nation as a whole,
to those in a position to leech".

But is it REALLY a problem, like in the long term or something?

Depends on what you mean by "problem":

A) If by "problem" you mean at some point the US fiat dollar is going
to collapse as Saudi and others run for the multi polar world and the
USA experiences something akin to another depression and massive drop
in its international financial standing, yes kiddo, yes there's going
to be some SHTF problem ahead.

Glass half empty.

1) If by "problem" you mean Souls getting a damn good lesson about
avarice and avoidance of confront, no this is the opposite of a
problem - in fact a lot of Souls are going to get a very good lesson,
wake up call and what have you, which is a healthy, positive and
constructive thing.

Glass half full.

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