Immutable Recording

Karl gmkarl at
Mon May 21 18:28:44 PDT 2018

Hi cpunks,

I'm trying to figure out how to produce lengthy recordings that cannot be
reasonably removed or altered even by a very powerful entity.  I'd like to
find a way to make it easy for myself and others to live a life where if
the forces of authority attack you, their only option for covering it up is
creating a noticeable, diagnosable, recording hole in advance.

I've started work on .  I was
wondering if anybody would have the time to review my plan and comment on
it.  I'm using hyperdb to create a network of binary streams that all
checkpoint each other.  It allows data to be piped in from the command
line.  I have a few issues and todo items laid out to solve remaining
issues I've thought of: for example, posting checkpoint hashes and p2p seed
ips to the bitcoin blockchain, or integrating with siacoin/storj/filecoin
for reliable storage.

I'm losing my mind for a number of reasons, and likely won't be able to
finish this on my own, so I've started offering largish bounties; just on
the blockchain hashing at first.  It would be incredible if somebody with a
mind for security could help me finish the essentials of this project; I'd
be happy to add more bounties if needed.  But even a quick comment would be
so kind.

I'd of course love to know if this is duplicate public effort.

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