Tor Project Picks New Executive Director, Old One Joins Board

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Wed May 16 16:32:30 PDT 2018

April 23, 2018

Shari announced her retirement from the Tor Project at the end of
February, and the search for our next Executive Director is already
over. We're thrilled to announce our next ED, Isabela Bagueros.

Isa joined the Tor Project as Project Manager in 2015 and has led
teams in collaborative strategy building and roadmapping unprecedented
at the organization. She also leads Tor’s UX team in implementing
critical usability improvements and is leading an overhaul of Tor’s

“Isa’s contributions to Tor are too many to name here,” said Shari
Steele, Tor’s current Executive Director who was brought on in 2015 to
make the organization more operationally sound. “She brings global
experience and perspective to privacy and censorship issues, and I
could not be more confident in her ability to lead the organization
into its next phase of growth and sustainability.”

Thinking of the user first has always been a priority for Isa, and
during her three years with the organization, the scope of her vision
for Tor has expanded to include the health of the organization and
network. “I think any person on the planet should have access to the
Tor network and enjoy the privacy and security it provides,” said Isa.
“That means we need a healthy and scalable network and a strong and
diverse organization to support that. I’m looking forward to seeing
Tor gain global recognition for the privacy protections and censorship
circumvention it provides.”

Now in a transition phase, Isabela will officially begin her position
as Executive Director after she hires her replacement Project Manager
and gets up to speed on the requirements of the job. Shari will
continue as Executive Director until Isabela transitions and then
plans to move into a consulting role through the end of the year.
Shari will join the Tor Project Board of Directors beginning January

About Isabela Bagueros
Isabela Bagueros joined the Tor Project as Project Manager in 2015,
after working as Product Manager for International and Growth at
Twitter for four years. Isabela has been part of the free software
community since the late 90s, and in 2007 she co-founded and worked as
Latin America Project Manager for North by South, a startup from San
Francisco focused on free software projects. Isabela was also part of
Brazil’s Federal Government Free Software initiative, working in 2005
on the Ministry of Communications digital inclusion project and
participating in 2006 on a project to migrate the IT of the
Presidential Palace of Brazil to free software. Isa will give the
keynote address at CryptoRave, May 4th in São Paulo, Brazil.

About Shari Steele
Shari Steele has been the Executive Director of the Tor Project since
December 2015, coming to Tor after serving as Executive Director of
the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) for 15 years. Prior to the ED
role, Shari was EFF’s legal director from 1992 to 2000, where she
spoke widely about civil liberties law in newly emerging technologies.
A graduate of Widener University School of Law, Shari later served as
a teaching fellow at Georgetown University Law Center, where she
earned an LL.M. degree in Advocacy. Shari has been on EFF’s Board of
Directors since 2000 and will join the Tor Project Board of Directors
in January 2019.

About the Tor Project
The Tor Project, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) organization headquartered in
Seattle with paid staff and contractors of around 35 engineers and
operational support people, plus many volunteers all over the world.
Tor develops free and open source software for privacy and freedom
online, protecting people from tracking, surveillance, and censorship.
The Tor Project’s mission is to advance human rights and freedoms by
creating and deploying free and open source anonymity and privacy
technologies, support their unrestricted availability and use, and
further their scientific and popular understanding.

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