John McAfee: Under Siege, Underground, and On The Run - Whistles on SEC

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Wed May 16 14:08:29 PDT 2018

While our pursuers are chasing our smartphones, carried by poor
look-alikes, across 2 states, we've been busy. To add to the

If you doubt Boss's commitment to freedom, watch as he violates the
law by "impeding an ongoing SEC investigation by unlawfully disclosing
information that could benefit the subjects of such investigation...

Rob, I think you need to come out if you can we're under siege.
Had anyone else other than John McAfee been at the other end of the
line, I probably would have laughed out loud. But it was John McAfee,
so instead I soberly packed a bag.

I am underground. This story by Rob Loggia explains all. I am the
most vocal and angry opponent of the SEC. They are striking back
with subpoenas. If I am silenced, it is the movement that suffers.
I cannot allow this. My team will be my voice. Stay safe.


With an eye towards staying one step ahead of the enemy, McAfee has
decided to go dark. During this interview preparations were underway
to relocate McAfee to an undisclosed, secure location where he
intends to maintain radio silence and monitor the situation closely.
In his absence his Twitter account will be manned by members of the
McAfee Crypto Team, who will be providing status updates as they

This is not about me. I'm 72 years old people  please!" stated
McAfee, discussing his reasons for going underground. The SEC wants
to destroy a revolution  a movement of the people  by making an
example out of me. I cannot allow that to happen." Asked whether
he believes he'll be able to come through intact, McAfee's answer
was simple and to the point. I always do."

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The world is on the edge of balance...
History is a series of deceit by power...
Governments have weaknesses...
Certain things are inevitable...
How strong are your convictions...
Transform this world...

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