[WAR] The West finally gets one up on Russia re torture

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Tue May 15 18:44:37 PDT 2018

The reality of empires is eventually, if belatedly, exposed.
With Israel massacring dozens with impugnity, the USA's
"humanitarian" CIA <ahem>, and now Russia (see below) it's sad days.

** What Moral Standing Do We Have After This Outrage? And Are We
About to Join *Another* Idiotic War, Like Feeble Minions?
by Peter Hitchens (1,513 views) on Tue, May 15, 2018
Typical Russians, eh? They kidnap a man and his pregnant wife in
broad daylight, then hide them in a secret prison in an Asian airport
where they wield sinister influence. There they begin to torture him.
Despite the fact that she is obviously pregnant, they chain her to a
wall and put a hood over her head, for five days. Next, they swathe
her from head to toe in duct tape (in agony, because one of her eyes
is taped open) and fly them both to Syria so he can be tortured more
thoroughly for several years. With the two chained and bound
prisoners comes a delivery note from the Russian spy chief to his
Syrian opposite number: ‘This is the least we could do for you, to
demonstrate our remarkable relationship’.

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