build it yourself laptop with design files on Github

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Mon May 14 04:15:17 PDT 2018

Linked from the comments to the LWN article below is this Allwinner
A64 "build it yourself" laptop kit:

 → Quad Core Allwinner A64 64-bit Cortex-A53 processor
 → LCD 11.6" 1366x768 pixels
 → 2GB DDR3L memory
 → 16GB eMMC flash memory
 → WiFi 150Mb, BLE 4.0
 → Camera
 → 2 x USB
 → Built-in stereo audio 
 → 3.5mm audio jack (stereo out, microphone in)
 → Battery 9500mAh
 → Weight 980 gr

And the price for this kit? EUR 240, about right for the specs.

This is more than enough "for grandma". And note “This product is on
high demand and there is long list of pending orders, we will not be
able to ship immediately. We will proceed your order and ship in 2-3

The build it yourself might be the better approach for small/ kickoff
libre HW projects.

One day we shall have full free/libre and open source CPU/SOC and
related support chips for our laptops.

Good luck,
Building an ARM64 laptop [$]
[Front] Posted Sep 15, 2017 23:19 UTC (Fri) by corbet

Processors based on the 64-bit ARM architecture have been finding their
way into various types of systems, including mobile handsets and
servers. There is a distinct gap in the middle of the range, though:
there are no ARM64 laptops. Bernhard Rosenkränzer and a group of
colleagues set out to change that situation by building such a laptop
from available components. He showed up at the 2017 Open Source Summit
North America to present the result.

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