[MINISTRY] [FREE SPEECH] [QUESTIONING (((THE NARRATIVE)))] grandma Haverbeck caught, 2 yrs jail

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Thu May 10 00:01:15 PDT 2018

Grandma Haverbeck, who has for 70 odd years been humbly asking for
evidence of the hallowed holy gas chambers (like, for example,
something OTHER than the rickety wooden pailing-fence gates as the
supposed doors of the Auschwitz gas chambers, or any other non
refutable evidence for that matter...) went on the lam and the German
"authorities" finally caught up with her.

2 years jail begins.

 Germany: Jews Catch Evil Nazi Grandma Who Asked for Evidence of Gas

By the way, the Germans, prior to WW2, did in fact make gas chambers,
and made them very firetrucking well thank very firetrucking much -
reinforced, hermetically sealed stainless steel "submarine
equivalent" doors thank you very much - a far cry from rickety wooden
pailing fence gates masquerading as "gas chamber" doors.

Good luck Ursula Haverbeck, may God and righteousness be with you.

The sane world,

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