[MONEY] former Soviet countries central banks - their constitutional foundation

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Wed May 9 20:51:15 PDT 2018

Read it and weep - for this is not unique to Russia and the ex-Soviet
block, this is true for America since 1913 (for at least the second
time in the USA's history), and all of the "Western world" since at
least Bretton Woods (just post-WWII) or earlier:

 The most stunning feature of our constitutions – and this is true
 for at least Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova and the Baltic States
 – is the fact that their respective central banks are not
 accountable to their governments or any other state structures of
 these countries.

In Australia for example, we, and our federal constitution were, with
respect to "the money power" usurped at Bretton Woods ("The Creature
>From Jekel Island").

This be the true reason Putin is so maligned - he is continuing to
put all the pieces in place for an international coalition of the
willing - that is, those countries willing to say "no thank you" to
the Jewish/ Zionist/ Cabalist central banker "elites" - aka
Nationalism for the win.

Has been said so many times - the debt-based fiat money ("Jewish" or
Torah based banking system), is relatively simple mathematically, and
in no way necessary (except of course for debt enslavement of those
this mathematical system enslaves), and is certainly not the only
such "system" of money historically!

Another book: "I Want The World Plus Five Percent"

So in summary, the following article should be retitled:

  Russia and other ex-Soviet countries, oh and by the way ALL
  countries in the world except those chosen for destruction since
  the 9/11 false flag (Libya, Iraq, Iran, Syra and a few others),
  Do not control their central banks.

Create your world,

** Russia and Other ex-Soviet Countries Do Not Control
Their Central Banks - This Must End!
by Levan Vasadze (1,204 views) on Tue, May 8, 2018
The author is a prominent Georgian businessman (Bloomberg) a
traditionalist conservative philanthropist, and an activist for
traditional family values. Though from the country of Georgia, he
made his fortune in Russia, building one of Russia's largest
insurance companies (ROSNO). This is an excerpt of a speech delivered
by him at an anti-globalist conference in Moldova in May of 2017. He
is a fierce critic of globalism. We gather here today, to talk about
one of the most boring subjects in the world, which are economics and

** Putin Prepares to Leave His Final Imprint on Russia
but What Will That Be?
by Anatoly Karlin (949 views) on Tue, May 8, 2018
So Putin has just entered his fourth and almost certainly last term.
Where to now? Putin has a vast, legitimate mandate to leave his final
imprint on Russia, but what precisely that involves is still just a
black box – as I repeatedly noted during my Russia elections
coverage, Putin did not even bother with a campaign as such,
(correctly) betting that riding on the Crimean tailwinds would be
more than sufficient to ensure him a dominating victory.

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