Campaigners, Publishers, Everyone... Including Comedians Pundits... Targeted, Dossier'd, Cuffed, Searched, Etc

grarpamp grarpamp at
Wed May 2 20:46:54 PDT 2018
Hi, I'm Elizabeth Mueller. I led one of the largest groups in the USA
to Stop TPP. My group worked with a coalition and #WeStoppedTPP in the
USA (for now, although 11 other countries are trying to pass CPTPP.) I
was targeted for my political work, most likely by government-funded,
criminal private sec companies. It is time for activists,
whistleblowers, journalists and everyday innocent people to fight
back--demand Congress pass a USA #AntiSpyBill.
I've been writing about various taboo subjects on and off for about
eighteen months. By taboo, I mean CIA, Deep state, the incarceration
of Julian Assange, the influence of America over Australian policy,
Pine Gap, the coup of 1975, banking cartels and anything else that
gets up my nose on a given day.
For most of that time, I've flown under the radar. My audience has
been minimal. I've used the writing as a pressure valve release, while
I worked as freelance writer providing content for small business
owners. I didn't think I was worth noticing.
I probably wasn't.

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