Where to from the Founding Fathers? USA 1929: Jewish children immigration (Wagner-Rogers bill) overwhelmingly denied; 1940: British children immigration (bill) quickly approved

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Mon Mar 26 01:51:31 PDT 2018

Phase 1:

Overton window resoundingly expanded - why =thank= you CNN, we
basement dwelling deplorables may now speak out about Jewish power
and control (banking, systems of blackmail compromat, hypocritical
double standards on immigration, etc) in the West:

  In summary, it's open season on the JQ.

  (Hell, why shouldn't we freely talk about those people,
   systems and dynamics which affect us directly?

Phase 2:

Uphold the intentions of the American Founding Fathers

Crunch time folks - the neo-marxist left are overrunning the house,
bifurcationing is well underway - can a result acceptable to the
majority of the "backbone of America" be achieved, or will strife

Good luck, and create your world‼

The following is somewhat lengthy (as blog pages go), a polemic if
you will, but succinctly covers substantial ground, both past,
present and possible futures.  Brief snippet quoted:

America's Founding Fathers reincarnated

     Johnson read aloud to the House fresh consular cables
     provided by the State Department, warning that the majority
     of European Jews embarking for the United States were
     “subnormal,” “twisted,” “deteriorated,” and full of
     “perverted ideas. . . . These are not those who hewed the
     forests, . . . conquered the wastes, and built America.
     These are beaten folk” who, “besides being as a class
     economic parasites, . . . are impregnated with Bolshevism.”

     In short, according to the U.S. State Department, “this type
     of immigrant is not desirable from any point of view at this

  The 1924 Immigration quotas held even as Jews were being
  increasingly persecuted under Hitler. In 1939, even following
  Kristallnacht, only 8% of Americans polled said they wanted to
  accept more Jewish refugees. That same year, the final attempt to
  increase the quota – the Wagner-Rogers bill, which called for
  refuge for Jewish children specifically – was soundly defeated.

  “One year later,” writes Spiro, “a similar bill to admit British
  children was introduced into the U.S. Congress. It was quickly

  In fact, no Western nation would accept an increase in Jews. In
  1938, representatives from 32 countries organized the Évian
  Conference to decide what to do about the ones then living under
  Nazi rule. The one Jewish representative who was invited to the
  conference, Golda Meir, wasn’t even allowed to speak. The only two
  countries in attendance that were willing to take in Jewish
  refugees were non-white – the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica.

  Jews who were liberated from concentration camps following the war,
  far from being given refuge en masse, were instead put into
  displaced persons camps, where they had to stay for indefinite
  periods of time until they could be repatriated to their countries
  of origin. As many Jews feared persecution in those countries, they
  were forced to continue their underground network to Palestine
  (which was illegal at the time, as the British had barred their
  further immigration).

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