[MINISTRY] and God said “let there be fools” - anti-establishment right wingers incensed

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Mon Mar 5 15:14:27 PST 2018

Narrator: So we all know about Creation (we exist, therefore we is)
which came about in 1493 of course (same Nuremberg, different story -
a good example of taking something beautiful and abusing it for raw
propaganda purposes thereby despoiling the once worthy - and please
refrain from interjecting yo) …

 The Nuremberg Chronicles (1493)

Now it's rather evident that the creation myth is a pretty reasonable
substitute for arctic shelf drilling reports and Euclidean math back
in 1493 - you know, since the Mayan calendar was a substantial hop
across the pond back in the day and Man did not yet have Logarithms
and splined diamond-coated drill bits ... at least until 1614 for the


(Although admittedly the geometric series was discovered at least
around 4,000 years ago:

So God created Man on the sixth day, saw that Man got bored hangin’
out in Creation and especially Eden “Da Most Lush Of Gardens Yo”, so
he split a (genetic) rib(osome) and produced that simultaneously most
wonderous, whimsical and wily of creat-ures, woMan — Woah, man! Like
duuude, are you kidding me?‼¡! -- which of course kept Adom an
upstanding citizen of Eden, awake and otherwise entangled in this
funky Creation thing (which admittedly otherwise would have gone
rather to waste aƒter a few dozen millenia — I mean, if Adam didn't
'ave no limitations, right, he woulda got rather bored and bin a
dindu nuffin' type, right?)

So, on with the show «do NOT think of Mr Peabody soundtrack»

As someone was saying, God said "let there be fools, fool!" and Mr T
was born.

And the "anti-establishment right wingers" (how far we've come!) are
getting woke.

U: Which ones? Where?

God: All of them, everywhere, from Ukraine to France.

U: But why?

God: "Fools", fool! Get woke already...

French prosecutors officially charge Marine Le Pen for tweeting
against ISIS terrorists
France’s Marine Le Pen charged for tweeting against ISIS
  “I am being charged for having condemned the horrors of Daesh,”
  Le Pen told AFP.

Ukraine’s top court rules Russian language ‘unconstitutional’ A 2012
law had made Russian, the mother tongue of more than half the
country, legal as an administrative language in 13 of 27 regions

Megyn Kelly likes it Putin Style - comes back for secondsies:

** Putin Schools Megyn Kelly: The Arms Race Was Started in 2002 When
US Abrogated the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty
by Tyler Durden on Mon, Mar 5, 2018
NBC's Megyn Kelly has tried to establish herself as the US media's
preeminent "Putin whisperer" since confronting the Russian president
last year over allegations he sanctioned interference by hacking
groups in the 2016 US presidential election. In a formal interview
with the Russian president, Kelly asked the Russian leader about the
latest development in the ongoing controversy, Mueller's indictment
of 13 Russians and 3 Russian entities for election meddling.

Truth will out - the true agenda begins to expose itself (looking
forward to Razer's "enlightening" response to this process straight
from The Ministry - Huwaite is the new Black):

GQ Columnist: ‘We Have A White People Problem,’ Not A Gun Problem
“Surrounded by whiteness.”

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