[WAR] rocket porn, Putin style, and the end of the modern empire regime

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Fri Mar 2 16:17:29 PST 2018

Given the FUKUS (France, UK, US) / NATO axis general's' general
assessment of Russia's growing military capabilities and capacity as
"eye watering" back in 2015 and earlier
, one wonders what their viewpoint is after yesterday.

It is certainly a happy day today as we witness a nation not only
capable of, but willing and effectively undertaking to stand firm
against the evil, despotism and shameless murdering regime of the

How sad it is that these words can actually be spoken - truthfully,
in fact, and without sarcasm, but such it is.

Good luck all,

Putin's Remarkable, Historic March 1 Speech in Moscow - 
Video Excerpts, Full Transcript

Epic Putin: We Warned You, You Wouldn't Listen - 'Listen to Us Now!'

We've excerpted the parts of the speech where he describes each
weapon, and will be posting them here. The other weapons are:

    Putin Stunner #1: Invincible Nuke-Powered and Armed Underwater
Drones MANY TIMES Faster Than Any Ship (Video)

    Putin Stunner #2: 'The Avangard' - Invincible Nuke-Tipped Cruise
Missile at 20X! Speed of Sound (Video)

    Putin Stunner #3: 'The Dagger' - Invincible Plane-Launched Nuke
Missile at 10X Speed of Sound (Video)

    Putin Stunner #4: Mini, Nuke-Powered Engine for Invincible,
UNLIMITED RANGE Guided Nuke Missiles (Video)

    Putin Stunner #5: 'Sarmat' - Next Gen, Invincible, Unlimited
Range Nuke Missile (Video)

And Putin's explanation of why Russia developed all these weapons:

    Epic Putin: We Warned You, You Wouldn't Listen - 'Listen to Us
Now!' (Video)

Transcript below:

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