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A most interesting insight from this historian, Hoffman:

  The Saker: I am often told that Zionism is secular and that its
  leaders were all secular, primarily, socialist, intellectuals and
  that there is no continuity between the small shtetls controlled by
  rabbis in eastern Europe and modern Israel because Zionism is
  essentially a Jewish version of 19th century European secular
  nationalism and, far from having its roots in Yiddish speaking
  religious communities, Zionism represents a secular emancipation
  from this self-enclosed and religion-centered world. What do you
  think, is there are continuity between modern “secular” Zionism
  (from Ahad Ha’am and Hertzl to modern Likudniks) and Pharisaic
  Judaism or not? And, if yes, could you please describe it?

  Hoffman: The bridge between not only Talmudic Judaism and Zionism,
  but Bolshevism as well, is personified by Moses Hess, who Karl Marx
  termed, “My Communist rabbi.” Hess was not a rabbi in a formal
  sense, but he was enamored of the Talmud, as well as Communist and
  Zionist ideology. Hess recognized that what unites all three, their
  common bond, is Judaic self-worship.

  The controversies and rivalries arise in the debate over which
  vehicle is best for the supremacy of the Judaic people over
  humanity: Judaism, Bolshevism or Zionism? Hess argued that
  depending on the zeitgeist, any one of the three would prove

  Yes indeed, the founders of the Israeli state were secularists and
  Socialists who had little regard for the Talmud as a way of
  ordering the life of a modern nation. They viewed its code of
  conduct as a relic from a superstitious past. They were modern and
  “progressive.” Moreover, the pioneering Zionists had violated a
  fundamental tenet of Orthodox Judaism, which held that only the
  Messiah himself could initiate the founding of a reborn Israeli
  nation. Until the appearance of the Messiah, the Jews could not
  engage in armed struggle to achieve that end.

  That was the view of the majority of Talmudic rabbis in 1948.
  Seventy years later it is the view of only a minority, mostly among
  certain Hasidic sects, such as the Satmar. Voila, in seven decades
  Orthodox Judaism has become a pillar of the Israeli state. The
  fanatical Israeli “settlers” are comprised of “religious Zionists.”
  The Talmud is their inspiration for using violence to steal what is
  left of Palestine in order to build “Eretz Israel.” How did this
  transformation occur?

  Orthodox Judaism is a religion of situation ethics. There are few
  beliefs that are not negotiable. What is non-negotiable is the
  supremacy of the Judaic people and whatever aids that supremacy.
  Nothing else counts. Look at Gershom Scholem, the German-Israeli
  scholar who helped to bring the Kabbalah into respectability and
  prominence in the Israeli state.

  Scholem and Judaic-American intellectual Hannah Arendt, the
  one-time girlfriend of German philosopher Martin Heidegger, had
  been friends in Paris before World War II. Arendt published a
  fair-minded book, Eichmann in Jerusalem, which infuriated Scholem.
  But not because she erred in her facts. He was incensed at her
  allegedly “heartless, downright malicious tone” regarding the
  Nazis’ mass murders of Judaics, and he cast aspersions on her in
  the pages ofEncounter magazine.

  Arendt had transgressed, according to Scholem, because she had
  failed to write in deference to the supreme criterion that must be
  the idol of every Judaic person: “ahavath Israel” (“love for the
  Jews”). The truths that Arendt had written were utterly beside the

  If it turns out that Zionism is the best vehicle in our time for
  advancing Judaic supremacy, then most of the gedolei (rabbinic
  elite) of Orthodox Judaism will continue to cooperate with it. In
  his novel Oliver Twist, Charles Dickens portrayed the Judaic
  arch-criminal Fagin donning innumerable costumes and disguises.
  Talmudism, Bolshevism and Zionism are the garments that Judaic
  megalomania dons and discards as it marches through the corridors
  of time.

Hoffman also covered the Ernst Zündel 1985 show trial, (and we note
the Zundel now has a few of his old interviews and orations on

  As a Spotlight reporter I covered the spectacular “Holocaust” show
  trial of German-Canadian activist Ernst Zündel in 1985 in Toronto,
  Canada and wrote a book about it,
  which was published by the Institute for Historical Review (IHR) in
  California, where I became assistant director. The trial took nine
  weeks and in the course of it I became acquainted with Zündel’s
  defense team and witnesses, among them revisionist historians like
  Robert Faurisson and David Irving, and German veterans of Word War
  II, from a grunt who drove a tank in Rommel’s Afrika Corps, to
  General Otto Ernst Remer, the commander of Berlin when the attempt
  was made on Hitler’s life.

On Sun, Jun 24, 2018 at 10:34:18AM +1000, Zenaan Harkness wrote:
> ** 'Orthodox Judaism Is a Religion of Lying and Deceit' - The Saker
> Interviews Michael Hoffman
> ------------------------------------------------------------
> by Michael Hoffman Unz Review (1,109 views) on Fri, Jun 22, 2018
> Hoffman is author of the academic work 'Judaism's Strange Gods',
> amongst other books.
>  Introduction by the Saker: I have always had a passion for theology
>  in general and the studies of religions in general. Several years
>  ago I discovered, quite by chance, a book written by Michael A.
>  Hoffman II entitled Judaism’s Strange Gods
>  which I found most interesting and thought provoking.
>  Reading that book, I felt that I wanted to find out much more and I
>  ended up ordering and reading Michael A. Hoffman II’s magnum opus
>  Judaism Discovered: A Study of the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism,
>  Self-Worship, Superstition and Deceit
>  which absolutely amazed me: over 1000 pages packed with information,
>  sources and most interesting analyses. Needless to say, the book was
>  also very controversial and elicited all sorts of negative reactions
>  from various reviewers. 
>  Here I need to immediately begin by a disclaimer: while the topic of
>  “Rabbinical Phariseism” (modern “Judaism” should be called something
>  like “Rabbinical Phariseism” since all modern Judaic denomination
>  are descendants of the sect of the Pharisees; furthermore, this
>  religion is dramatically different from the religion of Abraham,
>  Isaac and Jacob: it is the religion of Maimonides, Karo, Luria and
>  others) has always fascinated me and while I do have a graduate
>  degree in theology, I am absolutely not qualified to endorse or
>  refute the views of Hoffman.
>  What I can say is that his books are very well written, well
>  researched, fully sourced and that I see no contradictions between
>  what he wrote and the little I personally know about this topic. As
>  for his critique of the religion of the Rabbinical Pharisees (from
>  which all form of modern “Orthodox Judaism” stem from), it is not
>  “racist” in any way: unlike ethnicity, a ---religion is a personal
>  choice and thus a legitimate target for scrutiny and criticism---
>  and Hoffman’s condemnation of Rabbinical Phariseism is in no way
>  harsher than the writings of Church Fathers like Saint Justin
>  Martyr, Saint John Chrysostome, Saint Cyprian of Carthage or Saint
>  Ephrem the Syrian.
>  Hoffman recently published another amazing book, the 700 pages long
>  “The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome”
>  which I began reading (I am about 1/3rd through) with, again, rapt
>  interest. Yet again, here was a very well researched and beautifully
>  controversial book which gave me as strong desire to speak with the
>  author and, luckily for me, Michael A. Hoffman II has kindly agree
>  to replies to my questions to him on his life and research. The
>  following is the full unedited Q&A with I had with him.
> Enjoy...

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