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> >         oh sorry, my bad,  I got him mixed up with washington, another
> >         slave owner. And granted, frankling only owned 2 slaves
> >         apparently, so he really was an American Humanist, but a poor
> >         one, who couldn't afford many slaves.
> Turns out slave ownership was a red herring for activism -- the
> Africans ended up liking the advanment of culture over their tribal
> ways.  Most so called "slaves" were treated more respectfully and had
> better lives than they could get at home.  But that's just
> apologetics.  

	Wow. An americunt being an apologist of slavery is can find a dozen slavery apologist for a dime, in every corner, in every american town and city. That's just how free you are mr. dynamite.

> The real test is if they'd choose Africa if given a free
> ticket homeward.
> In other words, I'd suggest staying neutral with early presidents
> owning slaves, 

	i suggest you go fuck yourself. 

> it's a very complicated issue.  If you haven't talked
> to them yourselves, you don't know Jack.


> \x

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