Are the interwebz rather big for google to index?

Mirimir mirimir at
Wed Jun 13 16:45:39 PDT 2018

On 06/13/2018 04:08 AM, Georgi Guninski wrote:
> I strongly suspect at least one of the following holds:
> 1. The interwebz are rather big for google to index
> 2. google doesn't return in searches all indexed content on purpose

Google search has become much less comprehensive over that past few
years. It's a lot harder to find old stuff. It seems like they've become
far more focused on delivering personalized clickbait. And if you don't
give them any history, you get random crap.

> Partial evidence: this list and my blog don't appear in searches.

I hadn't noticed, but "" doesn't return any results
after November 2017. There are 9670 results in total. And even that is
not much more than the total for 2016 alone (8123 messages). However,
"grarpamp" does return results from this list through at least May 2018.

About blogs, I don't know generally. But searching "mirimir vpn" shows
my old VPN testing site as the second result. Google also clearly
indexes Wilders Security Forums, HN, and the IVPN website. So hey, I'm
not complaining. About that, anyway.

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