Re: [MINISTRY] Steam Renounces All Censorship – Including of “Politically Incorrect” Games

grarpamp grarpamp at
Mon Jun 11 10:09:37 PDT 2018

So all billions of random worlds people are free whenever however
they want to sleep your bed, use your bathroom, eat your foods, fuck
your partners, paint your walls with feces, jam up your rooms with garbage,
rip your plants, use / wear / take your tools and goods, publish stupid game
warez into your phone and spam the world from it, talk noisy random shit 24x7
within meter of you while you sleep work drive eat, whatever else, etc?
No? Not in such those of your forums? What a censor you are!
Yes? You must be some kind of speshul evolved hippie.
Are the randoms still free to build their own?
Yes? Then what censor / hippie you are is irrelavant.
No? Then there's a crux, forcing you to answer what a censor you are.
Is there now a crux?
Will you answer?
Or say go build?
But where?

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