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> >white
> "White", "Black", and "Brown" are labels intended to strip all people of
> their ancestral heritage and cultural identity.
> Don't use jew words to describe others it makes you a jew.

	you were talking about "niggers" so I'm not sure what's your basis for lecturing me...

> >Anglo[s]
> You mean Brits, since, even in the 18th century, "Anglos" were mostly
> Irish and Scottish, as they are today.

	no I mean anglos. Anglos from 'germany' (the continent) who invaded the british isles. You know why fucking ENG-LAND is called ENG-LAND don't you? 

	"even in the 18th century, "Anglos" were mostly Irish and Scottish"

	lolwut. irish, scottish and welsh people are celts. Their countries were INVADED by the anglos. That's how the fucking 'united' 'kingdom' came to be. Oh and there are the bretons who fled to france.

> >Nationalists
> How is this an insult ?
> Europeans, just as Africans, Asians, and the mixed races, deserve their
> own nations, otherwise you wipe the world of all its cultural
> differences, 

	no, don't confuse some good cultural traits (there are of course bad cultural traits) with the political garbage known as nationalism. 

> causing a homogenization, or monocrop of sorts, and
> everybody becomes the "same".
> Ethnic marxism, tbh.

> >dumb
> You are maybe thinking of Africans, who have an average IQ of ~80, which
> is only a few points away from retarded. Maybe related to not having any
> Neanderthal dna. Or maybe related to living in the abundance of North
> Central Africa where resources are widely available, avoiding the
> intellectual stress that those who lived where winter happens
> encountered and responded to over millennia that created smarter and
> more empathetic people.

	so you are a racist telling me to not refer to you as a white supremacist...

> >nazi
> The term, as applied to "nationalists", was created by a jew who thought
> it was funny to apply the Bavarian colloquialism "Naczi" or "Nazi",
> meaning backwards peasant, to their political opposition

	lolwut. And the source for that claim is? 

> the NSDAP.
> Stop being a fucking jew.

	you as a white nationalist are the exact same political garbage that jews are. But I guess that's a bit too much for you to grasp...

> >Jefferson and Franklin
> Were Puritans (read: Purim) who thought they were irl isnotrealites and
> viewed their emigration to the Americas as an actual "exodus". 

	they indeed were  religious nutcases of the worst kind. They also were white anglo supremacists like the nazi germans. Which isn't surprising given the historical background I mentioned above. Hell franklin and co. were even WORSE than modern german nazis. The german nazis were allies of the subhuman japanese after all. 

> To them,
> England was Egypt, the King was the Pharaoh, the Atlantic Ocean was the
> Red Sea, America was the Land of isnotreal, and the Amerindians were the
> ancient Canaanites, and they were entering into a new covenant with
> "God" in a new "Promised Land".
> Blame jews for perverting Celtic culture and forcing "Christcuckianity"
> as they did with the Persian culture when they forced "Islame".

	oh at least that's something we agree on. jewish 'religious' anti-culture has been a toxic influence in both the 'west' and arabia. 

> TL;DR:
> It was the jews you fucknut.

	but that  misses the point. Of course jewish 'culture' is a textbook example of totalitarianism. And so is white anglo 'culture'. And they are related developments, but the white anglos are thouroughly fucked on their own right, even with no joo help. 

	same reason why the roman empire became jew-kkkristian. Totalitarians tend to 'assocaite' with each other.

> Specifically "Josephus".
> >you
> I am Iranian.
> Pic related is 100% Aryan waifu.

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