Reality Winner: Still Jailed in Fubar System Podcast

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	'reality winner' was an agent of a fake news campaign of which the intercept was part as well. And the assholes at the intercept are so mind numblingly inept that they 'doxxed' their own agent (i.e. reality winner)- And after royaly fucking her, they cry about how evil the govt is. They conveniently seem to forget that the reason winner is in jail is...the intercept.

	once every 3 months the intercept publishes a HALF  decent article. Apart from that, the intercept is a disgusting propaganda outlet for the  nazi 'democratic' party and the crony capitalist that own it like omydiar, who of course owns the intercept as well. 

?Reality Winner: Still Jailed 

	thanks to greenwald and co.

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