Reality Winner: Still Jailed in Fubar System Podcast

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On 06/09/2018 02:06 AM, grarpamp wrote:

"So in June 2017, The Intercept published a story which contained a
leaked NSA document that was classified and in the document it basically
alleged that Russian actors had tried to hack election vendors in a
variety of states.  A short time later it was announced that Reality
Winner had previously been arrested."

"...I should say that the arrest of Reality Winner was announced within
minutes of the article being posted by The Intercept."

That sounds like a whitewash to me.  The Intercept published a scanned
document from Reality Winner on their website, with an easily recovered
watermark identifying the printer used by serial number, along with the
date and time the document was printed.  I recovered the watermark from
that image myself using the GIMP, just to verify it was there.


The word "watermark" does not appear in any of the three Intercept
articles about Reality Winner from The Intercept, linked above.

The Intercept may just as well have called the FBI with a "hot tip" as
publish that document without bothering to sanitize it.  Although the
above quotes lay the groundwork for denial of responsibility for
identifying the leaker, the Intercept AT MINIMUM verified her identity
to investigators, assuring her conviction in Court.

At minimum, The Intercept's handling of the documents from Reality
Winner indicate Glenn Greenwald, Pierre Omidyar & Co.'s ABSOLUTE
incompetence and make it impossible for her to deny being the
"anonymous" leaker in question.

Had she sent the dox to Wikileaks or Cryptome, Reality Winner would
probably be free today.

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