Joshua "Gas the Kikes Race War Now" Yabut, aka movrcx, Takes Military Motor Vehicle for a Quick Stroll

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Fri Jun 8 14:54:17 PDT 2018

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — An Army National Guard officer charged with
driving an armored personnel carrier off base while under the
influence of drugs insisted Thursday he was ordered to do so as part
of a training exercise and called the charges against him "completely

Yabut told The Associated Press he was first notified of the training
exercise by his commander a week before he drove the vehicle away
Tuesday evening from Fort Pickett. Yabut said he was later given the
command in coded military language to conduct the exercise, which he
said was aimed at gauging police response.

"I didn't want to do it, but I believed it was a lawful order, and as
a commissioned officer I was required to do so," Yabut said.

Yabut said he was not under the influence of illegal drugs. He said
the only drug he has taken recently is a low dose of Lexapro, which he
said he was prescribed for anxiety after he returned in 2009 from a
deployment in Afghanistan. He said the drug has never altered his

"I think the toxicology report will show that those charges are
completely false, and I don't even know why I would be charged with
that to begin with," he said.

"I didn't just run in to an APC and drive it off," Yabut said. "It was
prepped. It was prepared with 60 miles of fuel and soldiers assisted
with the preparation."

When arrested, Joshua Yabut confirms that he took the armoured vehicle
in obedience to orders from his Brigade Commander, as part of a police
response test he was tasked with. He, however, denied all drug charges
with “a big NO with capital letters,” claiming that its “just bogus.”

Presently, Joshua Yabut is being detained in Richmond Jail where he
awaits his next hearing, scheduled to take place on Wednesday 11th

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