Joshua "Gas the Kikes Race War Now" Yabut, aka movrcx, Takes Military Motor Vehicle for a Quick Stroll

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On Jun 6, 2018, 4:44 PM, adolph wrote:

>>Just before 8pm on Tuesday, June 5, Joshua Yabut, a 29-year-old 1st
> Lieutenant in the Virginia National Guard, drove off the Guard's Fort
> Pickett training center in Blackstone, Virginia in an M577 command post
> vehicle.
> Top lel.
> What have you niggers done ?
>>He also posted video from inside the M577 while it was moving. It's not
> clear if he's driving.
>>Yabut drove the tracked vehicle east on US Route 460 and then north on
> Interstate 95, followed by a swarm of Virginia State Police vehicles,
> reaching the M557's top-end speed of 40mph. He finally stopped the
> vehicle in the Fan district of Richmond, blocked in by police cars, and
> was apprehended at 9:40pm.
>>The M577 is a variant of the M113 armored personnel carrier (APC), in
> use by the US Army since the 1960s, and exported widely to foreign
> militaries.
>>As a Virginia National Guard spokesperson noted in a statement emailed
> to Ars, the M577 "is not equipped with any weaponry and is NOT a tank."
> The personnel carrier was returned to Fort Pickett with "no significant
> damage." Yabut, who has more than 11 years of service and deployed to
> Afghanistan from 2008 to 2009 with the Illinois National Guard, was
> arrested and charged with driving under the influence of drugs, one
> felony count of eluding police, and one felony count of unauthorized use
> of a vehicle.
>>Yabut, who is (or perhaps, was) commander of the Petersburg-based
> Headquarters Company, 276th Engineer Battalion, was apparently involved
> in "routine training" at Fort Pickett when he decided to deviate from
> the operational plan. While the M577 was not armed, Yabut carried his
> own personal weapon—but no ammunition.
>>"We are extremely grateful that there were no injuries as a result of
> this incident, and we appreciate the great work of the Virginia State
> Police, Richmond Police Department and other law enforcement and first
> responders who safely brought this situation to a close," said Maj. Gen.
> Timothy Cuck Williams, the adjutant general of Virginia. "We have
> initiated our own internal investigation, and we will determine
> appropriate actions once the investigation is complete."
>>Yabut also has some involvement with information security. In 2016, he
> "stumbled upon" a zero-day vulnerability in the Tor browser. And he
> recently staged an attempt to run for Virginia's Senate, trying to get
> himself on the ballot for the Republican primary. This ride may have
> been somehow connected to that, as in a Twitter post he made yesterday
> included a screenshot of a map of the area around Virginia's capitol
> building and of the jewpedia entry for the M113.
>>In a bond hearing by video conference today, Yabut told a judge that
> the National Guard was his only source of income. He was denied bond.
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