New article by me: Oxford Union censorship

Douglas Lucas dal at
Fri Jun 1 19:31:19 PDT 2018

My article now aggregated at BoingBoing

On 06/01/18 03:33, Douglas Lucas wrote:
> New article by me published today (well, yesterday) in Buffalo NY's
> altweekly The Public, titled Irony: Oxford Union won't release video of
> whistleblowing panel. Basically the Oxford Union censored the footage of
> the panel, which featured among others GetGee programmer Heather Marsh,
> at the demand of "former" CIA operative David Shedd. My article embeds
> and links to the audio/transcript of the censored content.
> Many of y'all probably way too cool for Twitter but if anyone wants to
> help make #OxfordUnion and #DavidShedd a thing, it would nifty.

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