Sweet Honey Berliner: Smell Like a Biscuit

White Guidocide giuseppeconte at hush.com
Mon Jun 25 16:34:27 PDT 2018

>juan juan.g71 at spookmail.com
>Thu Jun 14 18:20:07 PDT 2018
Why be redundant ?
'jew' is plenty accurate for all abra[ham]ic slave systems.

"White" includes mexican-spanish speaking populations such as
"Anglo" is a ded breed of mixed-race Germanic larpers.
"Fascist" means "bundle" or "group", and we all know the only people
permitted to organize politically is marxist jews.

Ironic that you are shilling against individuals uniting in opposition
to religous hegemony, which is what is meant when using those words as
an insult.

>in the "real world"
Confirmed B.O.O.M.E.R. terrosist.

>exploiting their fellows
Confirmed never worked with own hands.
**fapping don't count**

These are not the same things.
"Socialism" is bottom-up "Communism".
"Nationalism" is family-first "Socialism".
"Statism" is top-down "Communism", also called "Marxism".

Reminder that "Communism" is "Community-ism".
Without it, people would be driving on private roads, reading in
private libraries, and shitposting on private internets.

Pic related.
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