American Culture

\0xDynamite dreamingforward at
Thu Jun 14 07:58:41 PDT 2018

>         oh sorry, my bad,  I got him mixed up with washington, another
>         slave owner. And granted, frankling only owned 2 slaves
>         apparently, so he really was an American Humanist, but a poor
>         one, who couldn't afford many slaves.

Turns out slave ownership was a red herring for activism -- the
Africans ended up liking the advanment of culture over their tribal
ways.  Most so called "slaves" were treated more respectfully and had
better lives than they could get at home.  But that's just
apologetics.  The real test is if they'd choose Africa if given a free
ticket homeward.

In other words, I'd suggest staying neutral with early presidents
owning slaves, it's a very complicated issue.  If you haven't talked
to them yourselves, you don't know Jack.


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