speaking of nazis...

juan juan.g71 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 9 16:02:55 PDT 2018

	look at this cute logo!


	looks kinda...familiar no?

	'santa fe' ('holy faith') institue is a mafia devoted to the "multidisciplinary study of the fundamental principles of complex adaptive systems, including physical, computational, biological, and social systems." 

	yeah right. The 'scientifc' 'study' of 'social systems' sounds familiar as well. 

	as to wikimierda's description...priceles.

	first : "The Santa Fe Institute (SFI) is an independent, nonprofit...institute"

	and then : "The Institute's annual funding comes from a combination of private donors, grant-making foundations, government science agencies, and companies affiliated with its business network" 

	right. indepdent-nonprofit means, in the most pure newspeak, wholly owned by the corporate-fascist-state. 

	Oh, I just learnt about this 'non-profit' 'independent' mafia devoted to social scientifc engineering cause supreme scumbag omidyar is...who would have guessed it...a member of the mafia.





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