BlockChain TechnoDemocratic Candidate 2018... Universal ID Registration For All The TD Things

grarpamp grarpamp at
Fri Jun 1 10:22:29 PDT 2018

Re-Engineering Democracy
Ending the U.S. political party system...

In 2016 I ran for the U.S. Senate as the first technodemocratic
candidate. A technodemocratic candidate preferably has no political
party affiliation, does not accept campaign donations, and (if
elected) agrees to use a decentralized Evoting Service.

My New Book: Architecture of a Technodemocracy
Download free the 1st of each month...

On bittorrent yet?

1999 - Graduate of the University of California Santa Barbara College
of Engineering (B.S.M.E.).
2002 - Graduate of the University of San Diego School of Law (J.D.).
2003 - Registered as a United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO)
attorney #52,987.
2004 to 2006 - Intelligence analyst and agent for the Federal Bureau
of Investigation.
2006 to present - Independent contractor for legal matters requiring
engineering consulting.
2010 to 2011 - Issued U.S. patents 7,760,092 and 8,035,520 (USPTO
Filing Date 2003-12-23).
2016 - Founded evoteAmerica.
2018 - Published Architecture of a Technodemocracy: How Technology and
Democracy Can Revolutionize Governments, Empower the 100%, and End the
1% System.

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