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or https://mises.org/library/rise-and-fall-society

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> It seems humanity, historically,  has always sought to replace
> freedom/anarchy with a series of increasingly specialized social functions
> to provide services few if any wished to perform themselves. Over time
> these specialists become governments and then The State. Eventually
> corruption, environmental damage or other factors lead to a chaotic
> collapse and, after a time, the process repeats.
> A great treatise on this is Frank Chodorov's "The Rise and Fall of Society"
> https://mises.org/files/rise-and-fall-society5pdf/download
> On Feb 25, 2018 4:15 PM, "Zenaan Harkness" <zen at freedbms.net> wrote:
>> Modern "democracy" makes its own extremely strong case against
>> itself.
>> "Monarchy" is just one form "benevolent dictatorship", when it works,
>> but is anything but benevolent when it doesn't work.
>> Hereditary monarchy consistently descends into something as bad as
>> "democracy" is today.
>> Personality cult worship is also a societal pathology.
>> Putin actually did save Russia from total disintegration (to the
>> great chagrin of Harvard's "economic shock therapy" oligarch
>> creators) - and a significant percentage of the Russian population
>> bemoans that Putin "did not go far enough" (in putting unethical
>> oligarchs in jail for instance).
>> Although the lie we've been fed for decades that "democracy is the
>> worst form of government, except for all the rest" has lead many away
>> from the path of critical thinking about our Western system and how
>> it is used to dominate us, the truth is that this quotable quote
>> contains an assumption at its core underlying that lie, which also
>> leads people astray, "that government is something important,
>> necessary".
>> Mechanisms of conflict resolution are what's needed.
>> Government is one form of conflict resolution, notwithstanding the
>> tyranny of the majority/ the mob, the tyranny of the minority, and
>> the usurpation of not only government, but any and every form of
>> shared common delusion or collective concensus agreement - there are
>> always problems to solve.
>> And yes, we've never had a real anarchy, or a real libertarian or
>> direct democracy.
>> BUT, we have had "relatively benevolent" benevolent dictators - in
>> the modern floss world, Linus Torvalds, Richard Stallman and others,
>> and throughout history, some of the rulers have been, from the point
>> of view of their citizens, generally, and genuinely, benevolent - not
>> the majority I presume, but certainly some.
>> So benevolent dictatorship - if you truly have an actually benevolent
>> dictator at the top - is one of the most constructive and functional
>> societal arrangements, as long as the various forms of descent into
>> tyranny are successfully guarded against - hereditary right does not
>> make logical sense and history shows us it readily descends into
>> tyranny (old Roman empire, many Monarchies).
>> One could be cautiously hopeful that Russia will carry through with
>> its excellent "democratic" threat of Etherium based public ledger,
>> publicly auditable national voting, and even more to eventually put
>> everything to the vote - a true direct democracy (as Malcolm always
>> says, at least the people would have only their collective selves to
>> blame, for every law and clause).
>> Now although we in The West are supremely enlightened since 400 years
>> and view the world eminently objectively from unassailable glass
>> towers << COUGH >>  << COUGH >>, with our deeply nuanced
>> understanding and abiding and unconditional empathy for our Russian
>> brothers <<...>>, we immediately understand not only why they
>> (rightly I would say) view Putin as a benevolent dictator and
>> somewhat of a saviour of all Russia and Christendom, but carry some
>> not insignificant concern for the day, roughly 6.5 years from now,
>> when Putin steps down from his benevolent dictator role.
>> Our Russkie brethren have a significantly more vibrant public
>> discussion (a bit unbalanced in some ways, and very different to
>> what we see in the pathological Western MSM), and one which is
>> naturally drawn from their very rich (as in interesting) past, thus
>> the real and significant desire of a portion of the Russian
>> population to return to Monarchy (see below).
>> In a very real sense this shift is unstoppable, just as the Christian
>> revival is unstoppable in Russia (they are STILL opening on average 3
>> new churches a day, day in, day out, and have for a few years now) -
>> since as some (<cough>Razer<cough>) have utterly failed to grasp,
>> that which you try to (or temporarily successfully) suppress, be it
>> the Huwaite Nazis or the Russian Orthodox Churches, you do nothing
>> but strengthen the backlash when it comes.
>> The cycle (the resolution of the existential crisis sweeping the
>> globe, both Eurasian and Western) is likely not back to Monarchy, as
>> the path of the awareness and realisation of sovereignty in this
>> reality has gone thusly:
>>   God/Creator -> Monarchs -> Man (the individual) -> _ _ _ _
>> The natural or cyclical progression is something other than "back to
>> Kings and Queens" - the majority simply won't give up their dawning
>> sovereignty, and so some other resolution is inevitable.
>> Since vesting sovereignty in the individual, in Man, has actually yet
>> to be really done, that is what must eventuate, notwithstanding the
>> vehement and violent opposition from the oligarchs who rabidly
>> continue to attempt to suppress the sovereignty of the vast majority
>> of individuals in their unbalanced and relentless pursuit of "more
>> power" which journey, of itself, can never conclude except by
>> suppression of everyone except for a single individual - Atlas
>> Shrugged must be read for those who fail to grasp this simple
>> conclusion.
>> In other words, we are still in the transition from the ultimate
>> power of the Earthly Monarch, to vesting sovereignty in Man, the
>> individual.
>> The glorification of the individual, as seen so strongly in the West,
>> carries its own psychoses and societal pathologies (also seen widely
>> in the West), yet before a different journey can begin, we seem bound
>> to play out the present one to its conclusion - and the struggle for
>> sovereignty (its true vesting in the individual) is now a very small
>> step away - technologically, direct democracy is almost trivial
>> today, requiring nothing more than a little leadership and collective
>> will in this direction, and Russia's Ethereum-based voting looks to
>> be the first solid step on this journey.
>> Don't worry though - the individual quest for meaning and
>> significance shall continue, and once the extreme vesting of
>> sovereignty in the individual is (shortly - over the next decade)
>> attained, then discovery and pursuit of the next step in the
>> evolution of mankind shall begin - seeking the deepest understandings
>> and experiences within the nature of our existence, consciousness and
>> its source, and the mystery of the matrix of this particular
>> "reality" within which we find ourselves - for want of words, that
>> search for the divine, for "the Creator", for "God" - but this time
>> by "going within" rather than settling for the mediation of the
>> priest, the imam, or the medicine man.
>> Nikola Tesla (not Nickola) spoke/ wrote quite poignantly to the art
>> (science?) of contemplation and its use in the pursuit of creativity,
>> knowledge, and manifestation in reality - in some ways he was quite
>> the modern exemplar of this journey.
>> May you find that which Soul seeks for itself,
>> ** Democracy Is Fraud! - We Need Monarchy! - Hugely Popular Russian
>> Priest on Top TV Show ( Dmitry Smirnov)
>> https://russia-insider.us9.list-manage.com/track/click?u=fa2
>> faf7034c3c3c413cb3652f&id=ab861b4fbf&e=5110f4b440
>> ------------------------------------------------------------
>> by Mark Boden on Sun, Feb 25, 2018
>> Dmitry Smirnov is one of the best known priests in Russia and has a
>> very large following. He is ubiquitous on television, radio, and
>> YouTube, where his videos frequently get 100s of 1000s of views on
>> his channel. (Russian only). He is a brilliant public speaker and
>> excellent at debate, known for his sharp wit and quick comebacks. He
>> is especially loved for his sermons, which are all on his YouTube
>> channel, and is by far the most popular preacher in Russia.
>> ** The Coming War to End All Wars
>> https://russia-insider.us9.list-manage.com/track/click?u=fa2
>> faf7034c3c3c413cb3652f&id=cd5941593b&e=5110f4b440
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>> by Ed Curtin on Sun, Feb 25, 2018
>> “The compulsive hatred of Putin by many who have almost zero idea
>> about Putin or Russian history is disproportionate to any rational
>> analysis, but not surprising. Trump and Putin are like weird
>> doppelgangers in the liberal imagination.” —John Steppling, “Trump,
>> Putin, and Nikolas Cruz Walk into a Bar”
>> ** If America Wasn’t America, the United States Would Be Bombing It
>> https://russia-insider.us9.list-manage.com/track/click?u=fa2
>> faf7034c3c3c413cb3652f&id=4bf532921e&e=5110f4b440
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>> by Darius Shahtahmasebi on Sun, Feb 25, 2018
>> On January 8, 2018, former government advisor Edward Luttwak wrote an
>> opinion piece for Foreign Policy titled “It’s Time to Bomb North
>> Korea.” Luttwak’s thesis is relatively straightforward. There is a
>> government out there that may very soon acquire nuclear-weapons
>> capabilities, and this country cannot be trusted to responsibly
>> handle such a stockpile. The responsibility to protect the world from
>> a rogue nation cannot be argued with, and we understandably have a
>> duty to ensure the future of humanity.
>> ** The Guardian Is Right – Ghouta Is 'Syria’s Srebrenica'
>> https://russia-insider.us9.list-manage.com/track/click?u=fa2
>> faf7034c3c3c413cb3652f&id=fefc983c7b&e=5110f4b440
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>> by Catte on Sun, Feb 25, 2018
>> Simon Tisdall’s latest fact-lite, emotionally manipulative lament
>> that the West isn’t doing enough to save the lovely terrorists in
>> Syria makes one unintentionally accurate claim. “Eastern Ghouta,” he
>> says “is turning into Syria’s Srebrenica.” We agree with him on this,
>> but not for the reasons he offers in his article. Let’s remind
>> ourselves about the real story of Srebrenica and the wider context of
>> the break up of Yugoslavia. Srebrenica didn’t happen in a vacuum. It
>> was part of the “civil war” that shattered the former Yugoslavia into
>> warring regions. NATO supported the civil war and encouraged the
>> secession of Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo. It saw chaos in the region
>> as advantageous to its interests.
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