CNN, for that offer you just can't refuse :D

jamesd at jamesd at
Sun Feb 25 00:00:21 PST 2018

jamesd at wrote:
> > It is entirely obvious that someone in authority knew or strongly
> > suspected that this school shooting was coming, and responded, not by
> > having the shooter psychiatrically detained for listening to the
> > voices of demons

On 25/02/2018 08:46, juan wrote:
>    the shooter was black and possessed by the anti christ.

The shooter was white Hispanic.  He was confused about his identity, but 
all the identities he claimed (Hispanic, Jewish, and Sunni Islamic) are 
anti European, anti white, and the more extreme and vocal elements of 
each are plotting anti white genocide.

Further, the Catholic religion was imposed on South America by fire an 
sword, so Hispanics that are serious about an anti white Hispanic 
identity tend to worship the Old Gods, which is to say, worship Demons.

If he was possessed, or believed himself possessed, he was possessed by 
the Old Gods, not by the anti christ.

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