CNN, for that offer you just can't refuse :D

juan juan.g71 at
Sat Feb 24 16:46:44 PST 2018

On Sun, 25 Feb 2018 06:22:15 +0800
jamesd at wrote:

> It is entirely obvious that someone in authority knew or strongly 
> suspected that this school shooting was coming, and responded, not by 
> having the shooter psychiatrically detained for listening to the
> voices of demons 

  the shooter was black and possessed by the anti christ. This is
  exactly what your white racial science and your white religious
  science from the bible predict. It's all in the white bible so it's
  clear what you're complaining about? 

while in possession of a weapon, nor imprisoned for
> the numerous crimes he had already committed, but by preparing this
> media blitz and coaching these "survivors" in advance of the actual
> shooting.

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