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Are these guys being represented by lawyers?

If so, they should take an active role in regular consultation with
their lawyers, with a view to:

 - handling the constitutional issues in the USA

 - handling the statute law in the USA

 - handling the intersection of the constitutional and statute law,
   in the USA

A systematic and rigorous approach to discovering the man-made laws
at issue (constitutional and statute), and how they relate to one
another, may be useful.

If public input is genuinely sought, and there is a genuine community
around this, then something like Groklaw needs to be in place - some
sort of wiki, where people can comment on one another's
contributions, but where there is an authoritative "Linus" branch, so
that free speech is upheld (all views are provided for), and the
chosen path (the guys handling the charges, and their legal team) are
also presented without "wiki" editing - so a curated "branch".

Now besides:

A) Constitutional law.

B) Statute law.

there is the third primary branch:

C) Class-action, grass-roots style
 - some dozens | hundreds | thousands of people join to declare by
   fiat-declaration-of-the-people their intention, the righteous
   foundation of their intention, and the facts in support of their
   foundation and intention (petition, class action, etc)

 - this of necessity must be tailored for the case, and the
   jurisdiction (USA) - I'm in Australia and focused on our Aussie
   jurisdictions, and cannot afford to divest into USA jurisdictions.

And note - from a legal perspective, there are various --legal--
foundations, e.g.:

 - statute law

 - constitution/ constitutional law

 - judge-made precedent, what some in "the legal fraternity" like to
   call "judicial common law", which is somewhat of a deceptive

 - common law, as in the customs, beliefs, and practices, of those
   fellow humans in my community, since time immemorial

 - bible-codified common law - that which can be gleaned as "law" or
   "common law" from the bible in primary/ dominant operation in the
   community at the time of the creation of your constitution (here
   in Oz, that would be the King James Bible authorised edition)

   The point which someone put to me a long time ago is that when you
   are in a battle for your future, and/ or for your very survival,
   why arbitrarily dismiss those foundations which may well be of
   great assistance to you in your legal battle?

 - the philosophical/ common sense writers such as have been pointed
   out on this list here and there, courtesy Juan, Steve, and many
   others - search this list for threads with the word "book" in the
   subject. E.g.
    - Noberto Bobbio, Liberalism and Democracy

 - the imperial law, or also called "imperial common law", e.g.:

   - Magna Carta

   - old English Bill of Rights ("William and Mary Cess")

	 And remember, Lord Coke’s quote “Common Law doth control Acts of
	 parliament and adjudges them when against Common Right to be
	 (Lord Coke's finest moments have been belittled and the
	 judiciary and systems of power have attempted to usurp his words
	 to (mostly successfully) establish a contrarian point of view
	 ever since - but this does not take away from his spoken
	 foundation principles - some of his words are simply timeless,
	 no matter what anyone says!)

   - the trial of William Penn

Also, be familiar with the credit river decision. As in, the decision
and the surrounding events, rather than the interpretations of others
about the decision - find your own authority already!

Good luck,

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