Surveillance Reveals Government Pandemic...

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Thu Feb 22 21:21:04 PST 2018

On Thu, Feb 22, 2018 at 10:50:01PM -0500, grarpamp wrote:
> Surveillance reveals that governments...
> Want (have) a police state...
> So you can be (are) enslaved for decades...
> In the very pits of hell their policies foster...
> The planet is infected with a terminal virus.
> Time to rise, co-op, and purge it.
> Except this time, the game is real.

Real indeed!

So, government-mandated public ledge blockchain for voting is now
coming, with Moscow spearheading the path.

Perhaps a good time to think of the consequences, and how best to
enable for individual freedom, vs deep state power.

Publicly auditable voting I say is not only good, but fundamental for
any concept of "integrity in government".

Other aspects of radical transparency ought follow...

However, the radical transparency agenda must apply to government,
and "red line" privacy rights must be maintained (truly,
re-established) for individuals - the true sovereigns in this day and
age, if the average sheeple will just wake up to the fact).

Without the will to take a public stand (vote) on one's position,
then one can never expect a transparent democracy.

We have a right to hold "our" governments to account, for each and
every law, and for each and every clause of each and every law, for
example by direct democracy.

>From Australia's Eureka Stockade - "we have a right to have a say in
the laws we are called upon to obey", and to this end, we have a
right to use the "gang of 12" jury to have laws which we the people
consider invalid, to be thrown out.

Without these two fundamentals (direct democracy and the power of the
jury), we do NOT have democracy, we have a kleptocracy of the
oligarchs, ceaselessly transferring the wealth of the people to the
banks/ oligarchs, month in, month out, to the tune of "inflation"
(which is really devaluation of your money).

For auditable voting we need:
 - auditable individuals, i.e. tied to a physical address

beyond voting, in respect of our individual privacy, that ID used for
voting, MUST NOT be usurped by the oligarchs and "purported
government" as another tool of the military industrial spying complex
used to subjugate the people.

So you MUST have utterly separable ID(s) for buying and selling, and
MUST maintain cash (be it fiat, or gold and silver coin) and the
right to use cash to buy and sell.

It is we the people who must decide which, what and how many systems
we use or do not use, and for what purposes those systems are used,
and for the true freedom of the individual, those who wish to
disappear "off the grid" must also be respected for their choice - if
you are capable of doing something (modulo/intersection hurting
others) such as travelling to the shops to buy some food or visit
friends, arranging and building your off the grid underground hobbit
home, growing some vegges and catching some rain, then that is a
"right" that is with you, and inalienable from your being.

"Entitlements" are a bastardization of rights:

Those snowflakes who consider "public housing" "a living income" and
"unlimited food, clothes and transport" as a right, have their sense
of self entitlement, at the expense of others, in the clouds so high
that they are asking for the collapse of their hallowed "democracy"!

A right is that instrinsic capacity which you can exercise by your
own will, without some despotic demand that some other souls provide
it for you.

Walking, driving, breathing, survival, communication - these are

Housing, wealth creation and hoarding, transport facilities, health
insurance, food and all the rest - these are at best needs for
survival and must never be conflated with rights.

The bastardization by conflation, of rights with entitlements, is in
the long term the destruction of both rights and the abundance which
is even possible of providing "entitlements" (such as that
abomination is).

Possibilities are coming - it is time for the thinkers to establish
some base lines, distinguish the important and the fundamental, from
the abominable and destructive, to help steer us into the future now
just starting to be empowered.

Good luck all,

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