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> >> You have a point, but the truth that no one wants to admit is that
> >> they don't have the resources nor the expertise to create "complete
> >> global surveillance".
> >
> >         of course they do - what do you think the  'artificial
> >         intelligence' bullshit is all about?
> Dude, I've done AI -- believe me, they don't know much beyond
> keywords.  Give me a break.  You're still uneducated about it which
> makes you an easy victim.

	okay - your first try might have been because you are
	but now you are repeating the exact 'uneducated' bullshit so at
	this point you can't be just stupid, your have malicious

	so no, I don't believe your  government propaganda  of the
	form "trust me! they are inept!" 

> >         and even without that 'neural network' bullshit, you think
> > they can't index text? Or record audio? etc etc etc
> No, the cost is too high.  

	thanks. I was about to made that exact point. You saved me 
	half the trouble. 	

	As a matter of FUCKING, VERY IMPORTANT FACT, the price of
	electronic garbage for spying keeps going down by the minute.
	'Processing power' gets cheaper and cheaper by the minute while
	the amount of people to surveil remains pretty much
	constant.  Do you get that, you 'expert' on 'artificial
	intelligence' from 'mit' ? 

> Once they filter all of the data with the
> best AI, they still have months of work to do which mostly ends up as
> worthless because in the end terrorists aren't using the network.

	you can't be so fuking stupid? What TERRORISTS are you talking
	about? There are NONE. 

	the target of surveillance is joe-six pack, not any 'terrists'
	that only exist in the mind of fascist juedo-christian scum
	from the 'developed world'. 

> >> Don't get paranoid -- get educated & get HARD.
> >
> >         get educated about what? the true nature and scope of
> >         surveillance and government?
> Yes, you're still living on 90's level understanding. 

	sure that coming from an american statist, lunatic
	jew-kkkristian who has written a bunch of nonsense straight out
	from the pentagon.

	oh don't worry, just don't forget to "open a New Private

> And government
> you seem not to understand at all (but then neither do the
> incumbants).
> Marxos

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