A new form of mailing list ?

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The Ethereum blockchain support smart contract, therefore to interact with them you need to fill a "data form" in your transaction
Because you can fill in with the hexa you want (in any transaction), you can "write", and upload anything you want. The site etherscan.io can display the ASCII, for example here (it's written "Hi here") : https://rinkeby.etherscan.io/tx/0x00bfab09b0c950967b252c10f50ea0c2d65af39e1289feb7057805f12a3753bd

Not my code but here is a JavaScript client using the etherscan API : https://pastebin.com/8GfHAQQm

Howerer because it's expensive (the more data you upload the expensive it is) I guess people would talk on one of the ethereum test net (on rinkeby you can get a dozen of ether for free, enough to talk for a while) (ethereum or another one it doesn't matter)

I guess next generation of Internet puzzle (like CICADA3301) will be upload on blockchains instead of twitter

I found the concept "cool" therefore seeking for your feedback being not a cypherpunk

> On 19 Feb 2018, at 12:56, sergey <jahr at bk.ru> wrote:
> Can you explain how it is working,  please?
>> On 19.02.2018 09:48, Valentin Pasquale wrote:
>> A friend showed my that : https://rinkeby.etherscan.io/address/0x402011f50057a2c4da098b063f698b4fbebfb88c
>> Which is someone trying to seek for people to talk with on the blockchain
>> Anyone here tried that ?
>> Is it a better form of mailing list for you cypher punks against censorship or whatever ?.
I'm remembering when it was discovered that Internet Exlpoder engineers put some padding text in their code that read: "netscape engineers are weenies", and sniggering.

Like that? But using blockchain code.
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