BTC: BIS Chief Fears "Systemic Threat" Of Bitcoin, Urges "Pre-emptive Action" From Authorities

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Thu Feb 15 15:14:33 PST 2018
Russia’s Largest Bank Plans Cryptocurrency Exchange in Switzerland

I for one, welcome our new Russian overlords:
Up Close and Personal 45 Minute Interview With Sergei Lavrov - (Video
- Full Transcript)

Actually, I don't want any overlord, but we seem to be stuck with
states and governments, at least for the time being.

Good luck,

On Wed, Feb 14, 2018 at 11:00:02PM +1100, Zenaan Harkness wrote:
> So Jabba the Hutt, aka "BIS Chief" Agustin Carstens (the token goy
> front man currently at Lord Rothschild's personal "reserve bank of
> reserve banks" the Bank of International Settlements (BIS)), has
> expressed concern for the "systemic threat" that the central banks
> (seriously, the banks), actually do face from digital currencies such
> as Bitcoin.
> Welp, wonders of awareness never cease.
> Better start focusing on your privacy tech folks, as the SHTF, shitty
> statute "laws" are gonna hit the books with the Western "elite cabal"
> owned by their pedophile blackmailed balls, the BIS gets what the BIS
> demands, goy!‼
> So if you want your systemic change, time to shift gears, get serious
> about spreading transaction facility, and seriously put personal
> greed on the backburner - either you're in it to win a new era for
> fellow humans and our individual and collective rights, or we will
> all be owned.
> Good luck all,
> BIS Chief Fears "Systemic Threat" Of Bitcoin, Urges "Pre-emptive
> Action" From Authorities
> At least the occasional 'balanced' conversation piece:
> (No-trigger warning: there's plenty of disclaimers at the start so if
>  you're a cotton wool safe space baby in adult's clothes, you should
>  be right as rain with this one...)
> 3 Concerning Prejudice Trends Toward White Americans

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