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Sun Feb 11 04:36:04 PST 2018

John, Juan and Marina, my loved friends, do not waste too much time with
these jerks, please.

The world population was estimated to have reached 7,6 billion in December,
2017.  And these stupid racist guys are ignored for more than 99,99999999%
of all the people in the world, hihihi...  :)

The funniest thing is to notice that they _really_ think to be "very
relevant" to the whole humanity, the "studest" badass intellectual guys of
this "wow, much wow!" discussion list, always dishonestly trying to prove
that the quantity of melanin in a person' skin can influence in their
character.  Aff...  :(

Hee-haw, Hee-haw, Hee-haw...  Stop braying always the same things, please.
It's boring!  :((

The things do simply not work this way, HarkLess's fake personas, James,
Jim. (the stupid ZeNazi's friend, NOT Jim Bell, please)  among other
trolls, dear guys...  :((

Please, today is Sunday.  Why do you not use the free time for getting a
life, eh?!  ;)

An OT personal story about "races" to explain that all the persons matter
the same, that all of them have their own beauty and beliefs:  -  In the
past, already had the chance of knowing two different Amazon's Indian
tribes.  I hated the f_cking heat and all the odious mosquitoes, had no
courage to eat ants and other insects, I was feeling dehydrated all the
time, and had a horrible fear of being bitten by a snake in my buttocks
while peeing in the forest.  It was a complete shit, a disaster, but
strangely, at same time, was very interesting and instructive.

I was the first Japanese girl that most of those Indians saw in their
lives.  I was f_cking pale, with freckles and brown curly hair, talking to
them with a strange accent, but intuitively they know we all were human
beings feeling exactly the same.  They respected me and I respected them.
We shared our food and water.  I painted their faces with my lipsticks and
they painted me with minerals and fruits natural pigments.

One of my friends  - and also one of my teachers -  is a Japanese guy
completely in love with Python.  He gave Python programming courses to new
PyLadies in several countries of the African continent and it was awesome.
His experiences were similar to mine in some aspects.

Humans beings like to learn and to teach each other, to share their
knowledge.  The color of your skin is just the way your skin is.  They
never thought  "Oh, poor yellow guy, so ignorant and inferior to us!"

The same happened with me among the Indians.  I was one of them, even
having a different apparence.

White, Black, Yellow, Red, Green, Purple, Plaid, Golden, Rainbow...  The
color of your skin is just a color.  The blood in our veins has the same
color, the same value.  Our tears and pains are the same.  We all feel
love, fear, joy, sadness, hunger, gratitude...  All lives matter.  All
lives are important.

Why to spend so much time trying to prove that black people are "inferior"
to you, James?  God, your ego must be more fragile than your balls...  Get
a life, please.  Search for psychological treatment and learn how much
bigger the world is than your own belly.

You are not a genius trying to share the  - ooooh! - "real truth".  You are
just an old sick man being used as a puppet to spread more hate in this
poor f_cked world.  This is the world where your grandchildren will grown
up, James.  If you really love them, think about their future, please.

Wish you all a lovely Sunday, full of harmony, peace, hopes, and the
sweetest dreams.


PS - OT: - "Braying" and "barking" do _not_ count as official languages,
ZeNazi.  Stop saying you are a polyglot, please.  It's very embarrassing
when you pretend to be an "intellectual" in other lists, eeeck!  :((

"Don't let anyone rob you of your imagination, your creativity, or your
curiosity.  It's your place in the world; it's your life.  Go on and do all
you can with it, and make it the life you want to live."  -  Mae Jemison
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