[MINISTRY] Haaretz "chuck-ing a CNN" → going nuts on guns :D

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Tue Feb 27 21:11:54 PST 2018

Haaretz just can’t, just can’t, just can’t get enough …

… of the NRA, that is :D :D

Rock Haaretz, rock on!

Fellow pepes, 2018 is the year the huwaite normies finally woke, as a

As Anglin says, “whites winning the battle is not the battle – the
battle is getting whites to fight”.


Oh hey! How bout dat, "racism" has the acronym "cis" in it.

I have know idea why CNN and Haaretz are going off the rails in a
similar way - perhaps Razer, our local Rabbi-of-da-chosen-bastards
can tell us ...

In other strange news, a new Weinstein blockbuster this year:

  “Zio's Go Wild, 2018 Edition”

... even Alex Jones and his hoardes got Jewtube to back down from
their almost-banning of Infowars. There's certainly one positive
thing we can say about God's chosen tribe and their penchant for
enslavement of others - the optics! This is one of the funniest times
to be alive.


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